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URORA is a polish reflective-documentary photographer based in Warsaw. Her work has been deeply influenced by emerging youth culture in post-soviet Poland as well as western music videos of the late 90s.
The severity of her shots is contrasted with an aura of ambiguity and mystery. The characters seem to be suspended in time and space, while emotions are being expressed through the light, color and optical illusions.

The portrait representations of bodies abandoning reality, giving themselves to the dance, and again strikingly honest and puristic figures, are author’s reflection on broadly understood subjectivity of life and its determinants. However, it is the details that can tell the most about the individuals of URORA’s photographs.
At the same time, the spaces where the action seem to take place are not to be obvious. Club interiors or streets full of demonstrators lose their natural significance in favor of the history of the individual. Who is the dancer? Who is standing in the crowd of strangers? Why do they seem to come from a different order?

The author creates questions without leaving any unambiguous answers. The story desires to exist on its own perimeter. She abandons monumentalism, looking for afterimages of everyday life; those short intense moments that at the same time are completely elusive. Her frames that appear to be taken out of a film resonate with the recipient’s sensitivity in a non-verbal, almost musical way. They become the only possible means of cognition in the vivid universe created by URORA.

Lens Culture 3rd Place Street Photography Award Winner  – Contest Gallery Here

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